HOT TRAX Bat For Lashes

natasha khan bat for lashesOne of my favorite “Nouveau Hippies” right now is Natasha Khan also known as “Bat For Lashes“. Her voice has an ethereal quality and the music is sexy and captivating. She loves to dress up and her favorite things include glitter and peacock feathers….a girl after my own heart!

Here are a couple of videos, the first one is off her debut album called Fur and Gold, and the second one is a Nylon TV interview with Natasha. She has a newer album out called Two Suns which is equally as fierce!

If you subscribe by email and can’t see the videos you can go directly to Future Hippie to check them out. 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

nouveau hippie natasha khannatasha khan bat for lashesbat for lashes future hippiesnatasha khan bat for lashesnatasha khan bat for lashesfuture hippie natasha khan bat for lashes
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FUTURE FRIDAY’S Come on Vogue!

james meakin photographyI can’t believe it’s Friday already! Future Friday’s started out as an experiment but I’ve found that I really look forward to posting new and interesting photographers each week, not to mention the feedback from you guys has been great! 🙂

This weeks photographer is James Meakin from London. There’s a futuristic edge to all of his work but the photos that really caught my eye are the one’s below, mostly taken from a Vogue India shoot and Vogue Portugal.

Hope everybody has a safe and sexy weekend!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

james meakin photographyjames meakin photographerfuturistic photosjames meakin photographyjames meakin fashion photosjames meakin photographyjames meakin photographyphotographer james meakinjames meakin photography
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Mint Lovers + Future Hippie Award time!

future hippie loves mint
Ever since I was a wee tyke I have loved mint! When I spent the summers with my grandmother she would fix me a big bowl of Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and I was in heaven! I would scoop out all the large chips, push them off to the side of the bowl, eat the ice cream, and then eat the clump of chips last. Isn’t that weird?

Today I still love Mint ice cream, and I have recently been on a mission to find anything in a mint color. Here are some fun pics and cool mint products that are now on my “to buy” list.

So now that I’ve told you something weird about me, what’s one fun fact about you that people might find a bit strange? 🙂

seventeen magazine september 2009
Chanel Jade nail Polish coming October 2009….chanel jade nail polish“Guia la Bruna” Lolita’s Soul Chemise (Mint) from Faire Frou Frou…….

mint green nightyChocolate chip Mint Vegan Cupcakes From The Cupcake Mint On Etsy….

mint cupcakes
Green Patent Dr. Martins from

green patent dr martins
Slobots “Slomunny Seeker and friend” Custom Munny by
Mike Slobot….

slobots slomunny and friend WeSC Bermuda Green Oboe Headphones from Urban Outfitters….

green headphones Pastel Mint Green Frilly Slip Nightie from Zwzzy on Etsy….

mint green nightie Chocolate Mint Soap from Feto Soap…..

chocolate mint soapYUMMY!!!…

mint chocolate chip icecream
And now on to the awards! I’ve given out awards on my other blog before but this is the first time on Future Hippie. I’ve come across so many cool new blogs lately that I figured it would be fun to give out some awards and share these fierce blogs with you!

If you received an award and are so inclined, just post either one of these awards on your blog, link back, and share the love by passing it on to any other bloggers that you think are fierce. 🙂

you blog is fierceyour blog is fierce awardIn no particular order…..

*Pudding and Pie
*Hippie Frou Frou
*Rachel Is A Dreamer
*Zebra and Meerkat
*Skinny Cookie
*My Way
*Hot Robot
*Anywhere but here
*Martirio’s Way
*C’est Girl So Chic

These are just a few blogs that I enjoy, there are many others and I love you guys too 🙂 A special note to my readers and subscribers…..thank you so much for your emails and comments….you keep me inspired and I’m truly grateful…….you guys rock!!!

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Sasha PivovarovaI was digging through one of my inspiration folders and came across this fabulous shoot with Sasha Pivovarova called Collage Girl. It’s from UK Vogue August 2008 and it’s shot by photographer Paolo Roversi.

Sasha is one of my all time favorite models, I’ve blogged about her before on my other blog Hippie Couture. She is not only beautiful but has the ability to adapt to any style of shoot or runway look. Here’s the pics from the shoot and a short video clip with Sasha doing an interview.:) Enjoy!

If you subscribe by email and can’t see the video go directly to Future Hippie.

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

Sasha Pivovarova in VogueSasha Pivovarova vogue uk 2008model Sasha PivovarovaSasha Pivovarova vogue 2008Sasha Pivovarova uk vogue 2008Sasha Pivovarova modelSasha Pivovarova vogue 2008Sasha Pivovarova in vogue
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Back to the Future with Phard! part deux

Phard catalog coverHi everybody! I just got the rest of of the Phard catalog scanned, so here’s the second half of this awesome mini-mag as promised! This section is a little more earthy than glam but still really cute. I think my favorite pic is the girl with the faux hawk!

Here’s the first half of the Phard catalog in case you missed it. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! ♥

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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Future Friday's ButterfliesWhen I first saw this shoot it was like a record skipping stuck on the word fierce…fierce…fierce…fierce….yep, there it goes again!

The shoot is called Butterflies and the fabulous photographer is Z. Berhan Yilman from Istanbul, Turkey (The place socialites and celebrities have been sneaking off to for the past year to party). Anyway, Mr. Z’s website is under construction but I found his IQONS and his Myspace. Do people still go there? I guess I should check mine. Anyway, here are the Future Friday photos. Let me know if you think they’re…um….fierce. 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia
z berhan yilmaz butterfliesz berhan yilmaz butterfliesz berhan yilmaz butterfliesz berhan yilmaz butterfliesz berhan yilmaz butterfliesz berhan yilmaz butterfliesz berhan yilmaz butterfliesz berhan yilmaz butterfliesPS I’m kind of freaking out over the platforms!

***Special note. I was just contacted by Z. Berhan Yilman (who is extremely cool) and he told me he was the concept designer / fashion adviser on the shoot and not the photographer. Oooops! 🙂 The photographer is Mehmet Erzincan and he has more fabulous photos up on his site. SO, they are BOTH fierce and worth checking out. Thank you Z. for stopping by Future Hippie….you rock!

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HOT TRAX! Django James and the Midnight Squires

Django James and the Midnight SquiresI recently posted about Georgia Jagger, the upcoming superstar model and daughter of Mick Jagger, and found out her boyfriend is Django James. I decided to investigate further to see what he’s about.

I found out that Django is the son of Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics and Siobhan Fahey from the all 80’s girl pop band Bananarama. He has his own band called Django James and The Midnight Squires, that is gaining popularity quite rapidly! Their music is kind of new school punk mixed with pop….but not cheesy pop. I really liked his vocals and think Django and his Squires are on their way to the top!

Here’s a video clip of an interview with Django from Billboard magazine and also a video of one of their tracks called Hurricane. For more pics and tour dates check out their Myspace. If you subscribe by email and can’t see the videos go directly to Future Hippie. Let me know what you guys think. 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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Back to the Future with Phard!

Phard Catalog
I’ve been super busy this week sorting my vintage clothing that is getting ready to go up in the Future Hippie Store and also giving my own closet a much needed once over. As I was digging through the never ending piles of stuff, I came across this large Five Star Binder simply marked “Fashion”.

As I unzipped the folder, piles of articles from foreign fashion mags and catalogs from my travels, fell gently to the floor. I discovered one in particular that brought back memories of late night dinners in restaurants tucked away on side streets, and mid day espresso breaks at the local cafe.

The mini-magazine is from Phard, I had picked it up during a shopping excursion on the Via del Corso in Rome several years back. As soon as I flipped it open I knew I wanted to post about it! The pics are bright and fun, everything I think the future is going to be, even though it was shot in the past.

Phard is still around and as fierce as ever! The photographer that shot the catalog is Stefano Bidini who is also still rockin’ some fabulous campaigns. Below are a few photos from the catalog, and the streets of Rome from that trip. I will put up more pics as I scan them in. 🙂

Ciao bella!
Cara Mia

Phard photos via Future HippiePhard pictures 2000'sPhard photos via Future HippiePhard catalog Future HippiePhard photosPhard modelsPhard models italyPhard modelsPhard clothingPhard modelsPhard picsPhard modelsPhard modelsThe streets of Rome….
Phard pics via Future HippiePhard catalog via future hippiePhard modelsPhard catalogSome of the craziness being sorted….

Future Hippie Vintage
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FUTURE FRIDAY’S Walking On Clouds

andreas stavrinides walking on cloudsYay! It’s Friday! I’m looking forward to a weekend of friends, fun, sun and sifting through some of my vintage clothing that has been in bins waiting to be rediscovered. It’s kind of like going shopping in your own closet! 🙂 Some pieces I will keep and some will go up for sale in the Future Hippie Shop to hopefully find a new loving home.

Today seems like a good day to start “Future Friday’s”, a special day set aside for cool futuristic pics from a featured photographer. We’ll see how it goes since I get sidetracked sometimes (*wink*) but for now we’ll start with a set from Andreas Stavrinides called “Walking on Clouds” in Elle magazine.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! What do you have planned?
Love All Around,

Cara Mia

futuristic photographywalking on cloudsandreas stavrinides cool fashion photography
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