FUTURE LOVE Timothy James Andrews

Futuristic Hippie
Fall in love with the Future! That’s exactly what UK based fashion designer Timothy James Andrews conveys in his designs…….passion for color, futuristic silhouettes, and all around FUN!

Below is his latest collection titled “A-Block-A-Brick-Toe”, along with a few images from his previous (Über fierce) collections!

Timothy James AndrewsTimothy James Andrews + A Block A Brick ToeTimothy James Andrews Future FashionTimothy James Andrews UKFuture UK FashionTimothy James Andrews Futuristic FashionTimothy James AndrewsTimothy James Andrews UK DesignerTimothy James AndrewsFuture of FashionPS…Check out Hippie Couture for a chance to enter the “Woodstock photo contest” and win a free 1960’s psychedelic mini poster! Contest ends Tuesday August 4th, Midnight EST.
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