future fashion photographyHAPPY FRIDAY!!! Today’s featured photographer is Andreas Stavrinides from Paris, France. Andreas fierce photos have landed him gigs with Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire and he continues to be a photographer that is highly sought after.

This shoot is called Wonderworld and I particularly like the fairytale quality it has to it. It seems everyone is obsessed with the rabbit costume and freaky masks these days from Erin Wasson to Natasha Khan in her What’s A Girl to Do video. Anyway, the shoot is colorful and cool, and I thought you guys might like it.

Hope everyone has a sexy weekend!
Love All Around,

Cara Mia

photographer andreas stavrinidesphotographer andreas stavrinidesphotographer andreas stavrinidesphotographer andreas stavrinides
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10 thoughts on “FUTURE FRIDAY’S Wonderworld”

  1. the photos are.. wonderful! :3 love alice in wonderland, love colour, love oversized things and mini things.

    hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. I like the dreamy pictures. I think with all the excitement of Tim Burton’s version of Alice of Wonderland we will be seeing more of this as the months go on.

  3. How fabulous! Love this editorial, and so looking forward to Tim Burton’s take on the theme too!


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