The Future of Makeup

futuristic makeupOne of the greatest ways to express yourself is through makeup! There’s nothing like a fierce smokey eye or dramatic lime green eyeshadow to get heads to turn. Just ask any M.A.C. artist, drag queen or diva and they will tell you it’s all about being BOLD!

Valentino seems to think the future is bright, as you can see in the next pic of his haute couture spring 2010 runway show. So what do you think? Do you think the future of makeup is show stopping neon colors? Or do you think it’s all going minimal?

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Cara Mia ♥
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2 thoughts on “The Future of Makeup”

  1. that is some really imaginative eye makeup.
    however, in terms of day-to-day life i don’t believe that makeup is heading in that direction. Now there is more emphasis on natural looking makeup (a general trend in celebrities as well), and anything too bright makes people think that your using cheap makeup.

    It only looks good on the runway.

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