FUTURE FRIDAY’S Fadeless Flowers

lee hyun yi vogue koreaHAPPY FRRIIIIIIIDAY!

This weeks featured photographer is Hyea W. Kang and the shoot is called Fadeless Flowers. The gorgeous model is Lee Hyun Yi and the photos were taken for Vogue Korea.

I’m in love with the mix of textures and patterns in the clothing as well as the serene vibe of the whole shoot. Bold and colorful, yet peaceful!

O.K. enough of that…..so who’s got crazy plans this weekend! Anyone? Buler? Buler?

You guys rock! Thanks for leaving such awesome comments! 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥
fadeless flowers vogue korea
model lee hyun yi
lee hyun yi vogue korea
lee hyun yi vogue fadeless flowers
lee hyun yi vogue korea
fadeless flowers lee hyun yi vogue korea
lee hyun yi vogue korea
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2 thoughts on “FUTURE FRIDAY’S Fadeless Flowers”

  1. I’m totally digging on these photo’s too.
    So inspiring!!!

    I think I’m either going to a water park // theme park with my two friends.
    And a party and at night.
    Or to the beach agian……
    I seem to be living there lately…..



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