How I gave in to Gossip Girl + The Pretty Reckless

GOSSIP GIRLThe conversation in my head kinda goes like this….”New show Gossip Girl….hmmm. Do I really want to get wrapped up in another potentially addictive Sex and the City?”

Months later….”Wow, lots of people are talking about it. Forget it! I refuse to watch this new pop fluff cheese wiz of a show! I, am a rebel!”

Time passes…..”Maybe I should just watch one episode to see what all the fuss is about.” *searches Netflix and orders season one* *puts dvd in player* *makes popcorn*

“I’m probably not going to even…..OMG THIS SHOW ROCKS!”

So, now you know my secret. The addiction begins! Which is what led me to do the usual crazy fan Google searching. Which is what led me to Taylor Momsen’s band “The Pretty Reckless”.

There are lots of pics of Taylor, not many of “the reckless”. I did find one on their site, which maybe scared me a little.

the pretty recklessAnd below are a couple of videos. One just released of the band live at the Warped Tour in Houston, and the other is the single “Miss Nothing”. Word has it she writes all the songs, sings, and plays guitar on the album. Not bad little Jenny!

taylor momsen
taylor momsen from gossip girl
taylor momsen playing guitarWhether you are a Gossip Girl fan or not, what do you think of Taylor, The Pretty Reckless, and those stripper shoes she wears in the video? Hmmm?

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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3 thoughts on “How I gave in to Gossip Girl + The Pretty Reckless”

  1. I love her style.. but honestly, she needs to think before she speaks!


  2. Taylor is one hell of an actress but I personally think she’s not made for the rock scene… I see her designing clothes (oh! How I loved her clothes in GG!!!)

    And then sth totally different… I found your blog on the ‘Be In Style’ blog and I added you to my blog roll 😉

    xxxo Afrodite

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